The USS Essex CV-9 was a master war machine serving the United States naval forces. It played a primary role during the 2nd World War and was one of the reasons for the allied victory. Since then, the USS Essex CV-9 has become a historical piece in the military history of America, and there are various museums and websites where one can find information regarding this war vessel.

If you are looking for specific technical details of the USS Essex CV-9 then Navsource is one of the most reliable sources on the internet. You will also find details regarding all the changes and upgrades that the CV-9 had undergone during its years of serving the United States navy. Navsurce also has a good gallery of historical pictures including a series of pictures of the USS Essex CV-9.

Or if you want to read a comprehensive history of the USS Essex CV-9 there are quite a few websites such as ‘navysite’ which can produce the information. Additionally, you can also look through the list of the various crews which served on the CV-9 on various years and missions. While not every last piece of information about its history can be found here, the amount of information is quite comprehensive and categorially organized.

Another good source to read about the history of the USS Essex is on the online World War 2 databases. These data bases contain detailed information about the various missions which were carried out during the World War 2 and therefore they also contain details about the role of the USS Essex CV-9 during this war. Some of the other wars one can read about to find out more on the CV-9 are the Korean war, the Bay of Pigs, and the Cuban missile crisis.