The USS Essex has always been a long-standing code for the United States military to refer to their warships with. While it was with the CV-9 during the second world war that the Essex class came to the forefront, there had been other models of the Essex class which had been built and deployed into missions before. Let us take a look at some of them:

USS Essex (the first): Deriving its name from the Essex county in Massachusettes, the first USS Essex was a gunboat built in 1856 and she was one of the first ones to be completely ironclad for defensive measures. She was part of the United States offensive forces for a very brief period of time, and served in both the army and naval forces.

USS Essex: This was a warship built by the United States during the 2nd half of the 19th century. It comprised of a wooden hull and was a fast maneuvering warship which ran on steam. She was commissioned for the first time in 1876 and in 1930 she was decommissioned. The second USS Essex was a sturdy and speedy warship for its time and provided good service to the United Sates army.

USS Essex CV-9: The CV-9 is where the Essex class truly outshined itself. This piece of warfare machinery became crucial to the allied victory during the 2nd World War. The USS Essex CV-9 has a long history of being in service to the United States navy including some of the more controversial missions such as the Korean War.

USS Essex LHD-2: This is the latest and the last in the line of Essex class of warships. The LHD-2 was commissioned in 1992 and is still in function under the United States naval forces.