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We, USSEsexCv9.Org, are a group of historians from the Unites States who are interested in the history of the second world war, and the various American naval warships. Out of the many warships which served the American navy, and the ones in particular which served during the Second World War, we chose the USS Essex CV-9 to be central theme of this website.

Not only was the CV-9 ahead of its time but it also performed a monumental role during the World War 2 and was one of the primary reasons for the victory of the allied forces. She was deployed for the first time in 1942 and since then had been a part of numerous offensive missions during the course of the war. It was a massive airship career and thus could haul up to about 108 aircrafts and also house a crew of about 2500 members on board. She was also fitted with a range of weaponry as defensive measures in case the ship came under attack.

Our Vision

As historians, we aim to provide information to the world about the various occurrences of the human history. And since the modern history is basically a history of wars, we decided to choose the one which has had the most amount of impact on the current geographical setting of the world, and that undoubtedly was the World War 2. As aficionados of war history, it only seemed fitting that we pay homage to one of the primary weapons of this war, the USS Essex CV-9. We are always trying to unearth more interesting facts about the CV-9 and you can rest assured that all the information you find on this website is taken from authentic sources.


The USS Essex line of warships

The USS Essex line of warships had existed for quite some before the outbreak of the Second World War and two warships in this class had already served in the United States naval forces. However, the CV-9 was different from all the ones before it. And that is why it sparked our interests to the point whereby we dedicated this entire domain as a source of reliable and easy to find information of the USS Essex CV-9.

The invention of this ship was primarily a retort to the Japanese naval and air forces which were tearing apart the American frontlines during the Second World War. After the bombing at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese forces, U.S.A. realized their lack in firepower can brought together the top military engineers who constructed the USS Essex CV-9. Following this the warship would soon become squadron leader of many troops which she served as a part of.

Once the war ended with the victory of the allied forces

The USS Essex CV-9 was decommissioned only to be recommissioned within a few years during the Korean War between North Korea and South Korea. This was the era of the Cold War and both these countries were being backed by opposing world powers. Thus, when the war broke out between these two fractions United States provided heavy artillery support to South Korea and one of the primary means of doing so was through providing the USS Essex CV-9.

Apart from these two wards, the CV-9 also served in a variety of other wars and offensive and defensive missions, as well as rescue missions. She was part of the famous rescue mission of the Apollo 11 survivors and received various medals of honor during her entire service. The USS Essex CV-9 was later decommissioned and replaced by the latest model in the Essex class, the USS Essex LHD-2.

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