Donated by Paul C. Venti

(ex-Junior Division Officer of B Division and then Division Officer of R Division)


Here are some scans of slides I found that show portions of the USS ESSEX (CVS9) when I served aboard her (June 1961 - July 1963). If I find more I'll send them along. The name of the unnamed XO in the pictures is CDR Robert E. Taylor who served as XO until 18 June 1962. Included in these pictures is a drawing. The drawing is also shown in a B&W scan so the names can be read better.

USS Essex Ship's Store 1960 62 USS Essex Battle Ribbons 62 USS Essex Placque Casualty drill USS Essex
Destroyer from USS Essex Highlining USS Essex USS Essex in Halifax USS Essex S2F on flight deck
USS Essex Wardroom Drawing USS Essex Wardroom Drawing B&W USS Essex from air

Donated by Joe Rathman

The Navy class picture on the left is of my father's (Robert C. Rathman) U.S. Naval Training class February 1944. My father is top left. My father was a gunner on the Essex in WWII, I do not know his dates of service. My dad was born Aug. 18th 1926 and passed away June 19th 2005. The Nurse Class picture on the right is a photo of my mother's (Margaret M. Rathman) St. Joseph's hospital, Reading, Pa April 1944 nursing school class. My mother is 2nd from the left on the top row. My mother was born Sept. 22, 1923 and passed away this past Feb. 21. That's when we found these pictures. Thanks for keeping this site, I check it regularly.

September 2006 USS Essex Reunion

Holiday Day Inn Staff in Johnson City, Tennessee

L-R      Lois Campbell,  General Manager Ward Cathey,  and Jennifer Gardner

Essex Dry Docked 1946

Pictures Donated by Paul Flautt


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