Pictures submitted by Tracy White

Credit for the pictures goes to Seattle NARA



Pictures donated by Joe Gonzales

These are from my father's album (Amado Gonzales). He served in the Navy from 1959-1965. He served aboard the USS Essex (CVS-9) from 1962-1965. I am not sure of the exact month he reported aboard. I know that he transferred from a destroyer. I know that he was aboard when the ship was involved in the Cuban missile crisis, and he remembers the big storm the ship went through when the mast came down. During one of the times the ship pulled into Brooklyn for repairs, he met my mother who was a nursing student at Bellevue Nursing School. They were married in September of 1963, and he had to leave for a three month cruise. I think on the transit home is when the Essex went through the storm when the mast came down. I will look for more pictures, pick his brain for sea stories, and try to talk him in to joining the Association. It's funny, my father being Navy, myself being a former Marine, and my Brother-in-law being a LTC in the Army there are always jokes flying around the dinner table.



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